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CTL Is Celebrating It's 10-Year Anniversary


The Center for Transitional Living is celebrating a big birthday! We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary this month. Here are some fun facts and the history of our business growth over the last decade. CTL would like to thank you for being part of our company's success.

We greatly appreciate our staff, clients and partners! And we are excited for the future!


June 2012 - Jeff and Andy met at the mall and decided to set up a meeting to discuss starting a home care business. At the time, Jeff was working full-time at DDS, and Andy was working full-time as a Intra-operative monitoring neurodiagnostic technologist.

Jeff and Andy started working full-time in the basement of a relatives home in Newington, Connecticut to establish the company.

February 2013 - CTL was officially formed as a Connecticut company (LLC).

May 2013 - CTL officially started the WISE Waiver Program.

April 2013 - CTL moved into it's first office, a small one room space in Hartford, Connecticut at 57 Pratt Street.

August 2013 - CTL got it's first client on the WISE Waiver Program in Hartford, Connecticut.

February 2014 - CTL moved into a larger office at 57 Pratt Street, Hartford, Connecticut.

April 2014 - CTL officially started the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver ABI.

September 2015 - CTL opened an office in Norwalk, Connecticut.

November 2015 - CTL officially started the CHCPE Elder Care Program.

December 2015 - CTL moved their office from Hartford to Farmington, Connecticut.

January 2016 - CTL officially started the Mental Health Counseling Waiver.

December 2016 - CTL moved their Norwalk office to 83 East Avenue, a bigger and nicer space.

February 2017 - CTL opens their Willimantic office, in eastern Connecticut.

March 2017 - Jeff quits job at DSS and officially works for CTL full time.

March 2017 - CTL officially starts Massachusetts TBI PCA.

September 2018 - CTL opens their office in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

July 2018 - Andy quits neuromonitoring job and starts working full-time at CTL.

February 2019 - CTL opens their Norwich, Connecticut office at 34 Town Street.

October 2019 - CTL officially starts the Adult family Living Program.

January 2020 - Covid!!!

April 2021- CTL officially starts DDS program, Department of Developmental disabilities (DDS).

March 2023 - CTL celebrates 10 years in business!


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