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CTL Summer Newsletter - August 2022

August 25, 2022

Summer comes and goes too quickly right? Planning beach days and backyard barbecues, hiking and biking, and going on summer vacation with family is the best! We hope that this summer filled your home with great memories, and that the fall brings many, many more!


Summer is good for your mental health

One of the many benefits of the summer is the positive effect that it has on many people’s mental health.

Sun makes us happy

A lack of vitamin D has been linked to osteoporosis, cancer, muscle weakness, and depression. Therefore, getting a healthy dose of vitamin D is imperative. The sun gives us more vitamin D, which raises energy levels and just simply makes us feel happier.

Congratulations Aakanksha

Congratulations on becoming a United States citizen! This is amazing news!

We know it has been a long journey, but also a rewarding one. We are so very

happy for you!!!

Congratulations Kim and Kenny!

Congratulations on your new baby boy! We are thrilled for you both!

Welcome to the world Khai. (Born: May 31, 2022)

Happy Birthday

Wishing a Happy Birthday to all CTL staff who had birthdays this quarter. We hope you had a wonderful birthday! Wishing you health and happiness!

Happy Birthday to: Alves DeOliveira, Maria A Amara, Julie Burnett, Jaime Fernandez, Angeliana Gonzalez, Ariana Johnson, Leonie N Keene, Samantha R

Lattore, Andrea M Lee, Adrianna Noailles, Amanda Spinello, Jennifer A

Connors, Neil P Dean, Lynn R Drake, Marcellina Freeman, Kenecia K Fuentes, Zoraida Higginbotham, Ashley A Hopkins, Jamie R Hurt, Amy L Martinez, Celibee A May- Lyn, Judith Nixon, Latissha L Ogman, Starr T Ortiz, Zaimara

Oware, Lilian A Puello, Madelin Reid, Sonia Rodriguez, Nadia Taylor, Diane L

Tineo, Anabel Watson, Astaria, Allen, Angelicia A Bagley, Ta'Naisha M Barros, Belinda E Boschetti, Angelina M Camby Jr, Raymond P Carrano, Angelica Crawford, Lakyra Faus, Todd H Freeman, Dana E Garay, Alize Hamilton, Linda

Hicks, Lagina H Holland, Rose Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Ashley L Moses, Christina Pero, Christie L Pinney, George Rosa, Ana L Sampson, Danielle Schneider, Dawn Silva-Aponte, Lydia M Stewart, Sasharee Sutton, Miriam

Swift, Justin M.

CTL Pantry

Made possible through the CTL Foundation

The CTL Pantry food kiosk opened in December 2020. It was established to support and give back to our community.

We are honored to provide supported employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

100% of food and beverage sales go to the CTL Foundation, our non-profit that supports low-income individuals with personal care assistance and food insecurity, individuals with developmental disabilities and elderly people transitioning from the hospital or facility to their home.

Kiosk offerings include beverages and light fare, such as fresh coffee, sandwiches, sodas, salads and snacks.

*We are now offering delivery service within the building!

Visit us here: 148 East Avenue, Suite 2G

Norwalk, CT 06851

CTL DDS Day Program

What is a Day Program?

A Day Program, is a program designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, dedicated to improving the quality of life using a person-centered, community based approach. Ages 22 and up. Our programs support personal choice, collaboration, innovation, and respect.

The CTL Pantry, provides supported employment for individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our compassionate staff are dedicated to providing a range of engaging, enriching, and fun activities that focus specifically on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

ENROLL TODAY! or call (800) 285-1135

Adult Family Living Program (AFL)

"The Adult Family Living - Foster Caregiver Program", is a program that helps pay for those that provide care and live with the elderly and individuals with disabilities. The State of Connecticut has created this unique program for those who take care of their friends and family and make it possible for them to stay in the community and out of nursing homes.

Eligible individuals that are receiving the care must be on the Connecticut Home care Program for Elders or the Personal Care Waiver Program and need care in the home. Center for Transitional Living is an approved provider for this program and will be able to provide training and oversight as well as provide a tax free stipend up to $560 a week depending on level of care.

YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE. Contact us today!

CTL Referral Program

Earn extra cash

Option 1: CTL caregivers can receive a bonus of $50 for each caregiver they refer to the company.


The new caregiver must be working and in good standing with the company for 3 months.

The referring caregiver must still be employed and in good standing with the company to obtain the bonus.

Option 2: CTL caregivers can receive a bonus of $100 for each client they refer to the company.


The new client must be serviced with the company for a minimum of 1 month.

The referring caregiver must still be employed and in good standing with the company to obtain the bonus.

CTL Careers

CTL is hiring. Full time benefits for direct care staff include; health insurance, dental, vision, accidental and life insurance, and accrued sick-time.

We also offer referral bonuses for new caregivers and clients.

Available opportunities:

  • Recovery Assistant - Stamford, CT

  • Recovery Assistant (ABI) Client, Stamford, CT

  • ILST/Recovery Assistant (ABI) Client - Wilton, CT

  • DDS Client - Thomaston, CT

  • Recovery Assistant (WISE) Client - Stamford, CT

  • DDS: IHS - West Haven, CT

  • Personal Care Assistant - Roxbury, CT

  • Personal Care Assistant (ABI) Client - West Hartford, CT

  • Elderly Personal Care Assistant, Bristol, CT

  • AFL PCA Respite Client - East Hartford, CT

  • MFP Demo Services TRA (must have valid driver's license & WISE RA cert) - Enfield, CT

  • DDS IDV Client - Cheshire, CT

  • (WISE) Client - Willimantic, CT

  • Recovery Assistant (WISE) Client - New London, CT

  • Recovery Assistant (WISE) Client - Plainfield, CT

Apply online here.

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