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About CTL

About CTL

Center for Transitional Living is a home care agency committed to providing medical care and assistance to individuals living at home. Our dedicated and highly trained staff provide professional care and companionship to the elderly, as well as individuals living with mental illness or acquired brain injuries.

Founded in 2013, CTL understood the growing need for medical care and companionship in a home environment. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services that allow individuals to remain living at home and engaged in their community.

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Our Founders

CTL was founded in 2013, by Andy Tran and Jeffrey Farmer. Two guys from Connecticut who saw a growing need for care and companionship in the home environment. Growing up with mothers who were social workers, Tran and Farmer were introduced early to helping people and share the passion for doing something more. This passion for helping people and doing something more is reflected in every aspect of their company, especially when it comes to clients.

Our Commitment

CTL is committed to enhancing people's healthcare experience by focusing on individual needs for personal health, safety and well-being in the home setting.

We proudly serve clients across the state of Connecticut.

Happy. Healthy. At Home.

Doctor and Patient


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