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  • "The Adult Family Living Program (AFL) - Foster Caregiver Program", is a program that helps pay for those that provide care and live with the elderly and individuals with disabilities. The State of Connecticut has created this unique program for individuals who are the primary caregiver of a friend or family member, making it possible for them to remain at home, involved in their community and avoid a nursing home.

  • If you are the primary caregiver of a friend or family member, you could be eligible to get paid. 

  • To be eligible for the Adult Family Living Program, individuals that are receiving the care must be on the Connecticut Home care Program for Elders or the Personal Care Waiver Program and need home care. The Center for Transitional Living is an approved provider for the Adult Family Living Program and will be able to provide training and oversight as well as provide a tax free stipend up to $640 a week depending on level of care.

  • If you or someone you know are interested in our home care services or have any questions regarding the Adult Family Living Program, please contact us at (800) 285-1135 or contact us here.

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Adult Family Living Program


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