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Servicios DDS

DDS Services

  • Apoyos complementarios

  • Apoyos diurnos individualizados

  • apoyo personal

  • Apoyos Individualizados en el Hogar (IHS)

  • Respiro

  • Transporte

DDS Day Program

What is a day program? 

A day program, is a program designed for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, dedicated to improving their quality of life using a person-centered, community based approach.  

Ages 22 and up.

These services help individuals to live, grow, and become more independent and productive members of society and their communities. Our programs support personal choice, collaboration, innovation, and respect.

CTL currently offers this day program in Hartford County. For more information, please contact us: | (800) 285-1135



DDS Day Program Brochure
DDS Day Program Brochure


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